What can iShear do for you?

iShear can be used as an instrument to help educate clients and caregivers about the correct use and set-up of the wheelchair. Help them understand the effect of the use of recline and tilt, of changing foot support angles or changing the seat depth. You can show the client in detail the consequences of an incorrect transfer. iShear helps you to justify adjustments to the seating system or to the wheelchair set-up. iShear can be easily used together with a pressure mapping system.

Request an iShear workshop

The iShear team regularly gives demonstrations of the use of iShear in seating and positioning. They also provide educational workshops about the product, next to providing product training for everyone looking to make more informed decisions about seating systems and shear forces.

The team provides tailored education and training on location and online. You can request an educative session that fits you by filling in your details below.