iShear Software Information

Here you will find all information there is available about the current version of iShear’s software: the App.

The iShear App for iOs

If your iShear did measure before and suddenly it has stopped doing this then this might be caused by using the iOS app. Unfortunately the iShear doesn’t make a connection anymore with the app.

We now make use of an external display together with the iShear. Please contact us about how to get a display.

The iShear App for Android

In order to use the iShear App on an Android device it must be running a version of Android 4.4 or newer.

Latest Android App versionLast updated
1.2.424 September 2020
iShear Firmware Information

Firmware is the piece of software that is installed on the iShear to make sure that it works. It is unrelated to the software version of the App that in installed on your phone. Firmware is only updated when the electronics in iShear have errors.

Latest Firmware UpdateVersion 1.53